Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Going for a ride

Tuesday's visit was a pretty good one compared to other days. When I arrived, my step mom was already there and I was so relieved. (My own mother passed away back in 1995 from diabetes complications.) It was nice to have another family member there, it made it more bearable.

It would also be the first day that my dad would get to go out for lunch since being moved to the assisted living home a little over a month ago. It was feared that if we tried it before then, he would not be settled in enough at the home and wouldn't want to get out of the car upon returning, which would cause him stress, and we didn't want that. It made me so happy that he would finally be able to go. I was able to visit with my dad and step mom for about an hour before my brother and 18-year old nephew arrived and it was time for them to go. I wanted to go with them, but had to leave to go pick up my daughter from Pre-K at Noon. I walked them out to the car. My dad's face lit up when he realized that he was leaving to go for a ride. I loved seeing his expression of joy. I don't get to see it much anymore.

I can't wait to hear from my step mom how it went. I am really hoping he did okay on the trip, and when they returned.

There was one little hiccup during the visit while he was still at the home. One of the other male residents was giving my dad a hard time. He was shouting at him to listen, even calling him names and using foul language. If he hadn't also had Alzheimer's, I would have given him a piece of my mind (in a nice way, of course). Thankfully the workers there only let him go so far, then called out his name and told him to be nice. My dad told the man he was nuts, but not once did he raise his voice back to him. He mostly just ignored him. My step mom and I tried to do the same.

Another resident, a woman, was near us while we were visiting, and slid out of her wheelchair and onto the floor. My step mom and I told her we'd get someone to help, and thankfully two of the workers weren't too far away and came immediately to help her.

Right now, my dad isn't doing that badly compared to a lot of the other residents there. I do wonder sometimes if he will wind up like them, though. I hope not.

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