Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My dad looked older today; not walking as good anymore

My dad's walking seems to have taken a turn for the worse again. Today he was having to use his walker to even just balance while standing up, and when he did walk, it was more of a shuffle. He tried to pick his feet up, but was only able to mostly drag them.

He was in his room with my step mom when I arrived. She had arrived right before me. He was sitting in a chair with his head dropped down, and at first, I feared the worst, but when I looked at my step mom, her facial expression told me all was okay and that he was only sleeping. I walked to his side and put my arm around him gently, so as not to wake him up. My step mom took out a can of chocolate-flavored Ensure then, and woke him up so he could drink it. He was all too happy to oblige. Apparently it's one of his favorite drinks.

He didn't look so good today. It's hard to explain, but his overall appearance seemed older, more tired, and weaker. He didn't light up with acknowledgement of me like he normally does, I could see confusion in his eyes when he looked at me as I greeted him. But maybe somewhere, deep down, he knew who I was. I can only hope that it was just another bad day for him, and not a worsening of the Alzheimer's, or that his body is just starting to give out. I always hold out hope that the medication he's on will stop the progression of Alzheimer's at some point. It certainly can't cure it, but it can help slow it down.

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