Sunday, April 1, 2012

No visit this past week and not-so-pleasant update from step mom.

I haven't been able to visit my dad this past week due to my daughter being sick with Walking Pneumonia (which she is now just about over), but received an update from my step mom of two incidents, one where he reacted to one of the workers there and wound up knocking her down, another where he was relieving himself anywhere and everywhere BUT the bathroom, so finally they had a meeting to try and figure out what to do and decided he would need overalls with the front zipper sewn shut so that when they saw him looking like he needed to go, they could have enough time to get him to the bathroom.

It was hard to hear about both incidents, as they are so far from anything my dad would ever do in his right mind, and I feel so badly for the worker who got hit and knocked down. Once again, though, I lift this up to the Good Lord and put it in His hands, and continue to pray.

This week my daughter is off from school for Spring Break, so I will try to go and visit one day later in the week to allow for ample time to make sure that I have not contracted my daughter's pneumonia.

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