Saturday, June 16, 2012

In the hospital again

On my last visit to see my dad in the assisted living home, which was Wednesday afternoon, a worker there told me that he had gotten up out of his wheelchair and taken two steps over to the dining room table. I was thrilled to hear that, as I'm sure it felt so good to my dad, and I was so thankful to the Good Lord for hearing my daughter's prayers as well as mine, that his legs and feet would be strengthened so he could walk again.

We had a pretty good visit, though my dad seemed to struggle to talk. I helped him eat his dinner, which was painstakingly slow. Meanwhile, my daughter provided good entertainment for a group of ladies who had finished their dinner and had wandered in the direction of my dad's table. While feeding my dad, he breathed in through his nose a couple of times, and I noticed that it sounded like he was quite stopped up. He didn't feel hot to the touch, though, so I figured it was just a cold.

As it turned out, however, it wound up being Sinusitis. This morning I received a text from my brother that my dad was in the hospital. While he was getting out of bed (whether he tried to do it alone or with help, I don't yet know), he fell and hit his head on the a/c unit in his room. They called my step mom and he was transported to the emergency room, where they determined he would be okay as far as his head injury, but then discovered his sinus infection, as well as another urinary tract infection, and he wound up being admitted.

Tomorrow, my husband and I plan to go visit him at the hospital after church. I'll update as soon as I can.

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  1. Sorry to hear he's been admitted again. Prayers going out. (((Hugs)))